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We firmly believe that a good partnership can only be built on long-term business relationships. We therefore must understand exactly what working for your company requires so that we can provide you with great service and qualified candidates. This is also the reason why we are not specializing in just a few industries. We must know the relevant industry to truly be able to work in and with it.


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Our Game Plan!


Career Visions provides individuals with an employment search game plan and the connections needed to ensure that their job-hunting experience is a successful endeavor. Our game plan approach will market each individual's strengths, IT certifications and qualifications both online and in person. Next, we will implement your Career Marketing Plan and set up interviews with Fortune 500 companies, Technology companies and Government agencies!





1 Career Assessment & Planning: Our career advisors will evaluate previous work experience and education to find out what exactly you enjoy the most. They wll use resources such as the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Handbook and target occupations that allow you to enjoy prosperous and rewarding careers.
2 Resume & Cover Letter Construction: Our certified resume writers are experts and will design a resume and cover letter which will make you stand out amongst the crowd! Your phone will ring and your inbox will fill up with prospective employers inquiring about your skills, qualifications, and IT certifications.
3 Skills Marketing & Resume Distribution: You may be highly qualified with a well-rounded resume, but are still struggling with finding employment. Why is that? You lack the names of hiring contacts and the resources to effectively market your skills and qualifications. Your resume will be sent directly to hiring managers for consideration. These hiring managers are in need of quality employees and we have a solid reputation with each contact when it comes to supplying their company with quality employees. We will furnish you with the contact information for these hiring managers in your targeted geographical areas so you are able to follow-up with them in persononally as well. 
4 Interview Coaching, Mentoring & Scheduling - We set them up! Effective intervieing skills and being prepared are what ultimately land you the job! We ensure that you will be prepared when the time comes. Our career advisors will set up live interviews for you with Fortune 500 companies, Technology companies and Government agencies. They will coach you in mock interview sessions enabling you to win the job! We set up the interviews for you and then teach you how to land your dream job! You will also have the opportunity to attend our Employability Skills Training class when it is conducted in your location. The class teaches you how to network, negotiate salary, how to land interviews at job fairs and how to strategically and tactically win job opportunities!
5 Just-In-Time-Job-Leads: You will receive a weekly job lead list that is emailed to the address that you provide us. These are recent job postings from our list of contacts that we work with. We will work with you until you reach your employment goals. Up to 150 job leads and contacts.

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