How are the jobs placed? 

A: After being on file with us, we compare your qualifications to existing and new client requests. If your profile matches the requirements of our clients, we will contact you and set up an interview.


Do you charge for any of your services? 

A: No, this service is free of charge.


I already know how to build resumes and cover letters, why would I pay a company to perform these services for us? 

A: Hiring managers have very little time nowadays, so resumes and cover letters need to standout amongst the hundreds that they receive monthly. Most people construct informational resumes and cover letters because they are uncomfortable selling and marketing their skills and qualifications. Only 5% of the population can sell yet alone sell themselves. We take the uneasiness of selling yourself away from you and we do it for you by creating dynamic resumes and cover letters that sell your skills and get the phone to ring!


Why do I need help looking for a job? 

A: Most people were never trained how to perform an effective job search that leads to career advancement. We help people turn their job search into a career search. Most people hop from job to job because they apply for jobs that are advertised and that have a high-turn-over rate. Months after finding those jobs they're back to square one looking for another position. Bottom line, we work with you to find a career not a job, that's why most people need help.



I'm mailing, faxing and emailing my resume to a bunch of ads or job postings online, why would I use a service? 

A: You are not the only person doing this and chances are you will be a victim of the numbers game and your resume may never get reviewed. We will build an attractive resume for you and get it in the hands of hiring managers who need to fill unadvertised positions; therefore, increasing your chances of landing an interview! Our advanced database software program connects you with hiring managers that have unadvertised job opportunities. We focus on better employment opportunities that offer less competition. This increases our clients chances of landing interviews!


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